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Denro Power Services offer an installation service carried out by our professionally trained team of technical engineers, installing power generators from 10kva to 1mw.

An onsite visit will usually be required to determine the specification of the proposed back- up generator. Options of engine type, alternator and control systems will be offered including a preferred colour choice to blend in with surrounding property/scenery.

Denro, design and construct the generator and arrange delivery including crane off loading on to a pre constructed reinforced concrete base. Denro electrical engineers connect to the incoming mains board via an auto transfer switch (ATS) or a manual changeover switch (MCS) if preferred. All the installation and systems will be tested and finally certificated.

A repair and maintenance service is also available via Denro offering quality and genuine OE parts and equipment. All work is guaranteed.

Power failures give no warning and can occur during any period of the day, a back-up, stand-by generator is an essential asset to companies and organisations which depend on a constant and uninterruptable power supply.



Off Grid Energy Solutions

Not all homes and certain businesses have the luxury of mains power and therefore depend on an alternative power source. Denro offer packages to suit your requirements and budgets which involve the supply and installation of a generator, inverter and battery bank. Packages alter from property to property and an onsite visit is advised to ascertain the power specifications required. All work is carried out by Denro engineers and will be certificated upon completion. Demonstrations and tuition will be given on the installation upon completion.


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